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If I have passed well, can I take up a course I like instead of taking medicine?

It is true that many A stduents face the pressure of taking the so called glamorous courses like medicine, law, engineeirng, or commerce. However, you should only take take a course if you believe that you have the talents, and the passion to pursue it. Many people have actuaually trained in the glamorous courses and then gone ahead to pruse their dream courses, wasting valuable time and resources in the process. But even more

Is it really good to take up an unpaid internship or attachment position?

Typically, many students, or recent graduates, take up an internship for one of these reasons:
-To get experience in their field, which could open up many networks and contacts for fture professional growth.
- To get some pay.
- To get a mentor that could prove invaluable in giving you the skills you would need for future proessional

What points are most important to capture in a CV?

The one thing you need to use more often in your CV are the action words, showing your achievemnts and accomplishments, preferably if they can be quantified. For example, if you took over as achairman of a club in campus and increased the membership from 50 to 200 members, a recruiter could look that as evidence of your leadership skills, persuasuion abilities, or community organising skills, all of which are important in

How can I write a perfect cover letter for my first job?

A cover letter is a summary of yourself, beyond taht which you have not written in the CV. In short, don't merely repeat the contents of your CV and put them in the cover letter. An ideal cover letter should just be one page in length, and should probe the HR recruiter to want to enquire furtehr about you. As always, avoid

What are the common mistakes to avoid when applying for a job online?

There are many mistakes one could make, but the most common are;

- Using crazy or inappropriate sounding email addresses. If possible, you could choose just a single professional email address for your official functions, probably containing an initial or an abbreviation of your names.

- Putting too many attachments. Job seekers usually put too many attachments, some of them totally unasked for. If possible, limit the number of attachments to just two, one a CV, and the other for the supporting documents- in PDF form, if asked for. You could copy paste the cover letter in the body of the email. A

Can I study for two degrees at the undergraduate level?

In public universities, you certainly can't, but in private universities, you could double major- take two degrees, or even triple major- take three degrees. However, I believe public universities may soon offer such creative courses, especially in the parallel or module II program. There are however some programs that cut across discipliens and could be thought of as dual degree e.g biostatistics, combining elements of biology and

Where can one study chinese language in Kenya?

Many universities are beginning to offer Chinese studies, but more as a unit than a degree program. University of Nairobi, Kenyyatta University are some of the universities that have full fledged Chinese

Is a degree in development studies and sociology marketable? Where can one work?

Witha degree in development stduies or sociology, one would work mainly for local and international NGOs, as well as work for the govenrment- though the govenrment has partially freezed employent of new workers at least for part of this year. You can also work for microfinance and banking instituions, as well as in the

Can I transfer to a private university from a public university in my second year? Are private universities better than public universities?

You can, although private universities and public universities have some distinct differenecs, which may make the transfer harder, or will force your to start afresh. Many private universities use the GPA system, which which is quite different from public universities that sue the numeric system to grade candidates.. Secdonly, private universities accept stduents froma wide range of educational systems, as opposed to public univesities that mainly attract those who pass the KCSE exam. Having said that, many private university stduents have been shown to be great in communication skills, a bit more confident, and are more likely to pursue a career in the media, arts,. business or information technology. Public university students on the other hand, though

Which careers are best suited for extroverts?

Generally, extroverts prefer careers and jobs inw hcih they want to talk to people a lot, and as such, careers in the media, marketing, or being in the field meeting with people. Generally, these are just assumptions or general rules, as really, there is no evidnece to show that an extrovert cannot become a great accountant or

Which careers are best for an introverted personality?

Generally, introveretd personalities tend to like careers that are more detail oriented,and which require long hours of concentration. Even though there is no difinite line that draws careers for extroverts and introverts, we think that intorveretd individuals may excel in careers as accounting, finance, engineering ( to some extent), and generally, all careers that don't require talking too much to people, as this tends to pull energy

What are some of the leading careers that are set to grow in the next few years?

The careers that are most likely to grow in the enxt five to ten years will be careers in the following areas ( my opinion):

1. Security,. defence and terrorism studies.
2. Early childhood and kindargaten teaching.
3. Foreign languages especially Chinese- mandarin, and French and Kiswahili.
4. Data sciences and analysis as more and more of our lives depend on numbers and data.

If I get a pass or second lower degree, are my job chances less?

If you get a pass degree or Second lower, then you might have a harder time looking for your first job at least, unless you compesate that by having some special extracurricuar or leadership skills, or be practically talented in the field you are applying jobs in. However, after that, then your work experience speaks for itself, and academci credentials make less and less of an impact as you climb higher up the corporate and

What are my job chances as a female engineering student?

If you are a female engineering student, then no doubt you have great career prospects, as many companies are actively looking for female engineers to fill up job vacancies that were previously only male dominated. Howeevr, most female engieering stduents aspire for careers in the electrical/ electronics/ computer

Can I be expelled in case I fail a unit two times in campus?

If you are in a public university and fail a unit twice, then you will be asked to repeat the whole year, and I also sspect, that you will automatically get a pass degree, whcih seems a bit harsh , if you ask me. A stduent in the engineering department at University of Nairobi is in court alleging that the university rescind its decision to make her repeat the third year of her studies after she ahd failed in a unit twice. If  however you

Which certifications are most marketable as an IT or Computer Sceince graduate?

As an IT or computer scinece student, there are certainyl so many certifications that you can enroll for. You can chosoe to enroll for the oracle based certifications, Microsoft certifications, database certifcations, engineeirng certifications, or the accounting and business computing certifications. The thing to note is that egnerally, the technology in the IT field really does run out fast, and what is fahsionable today may be

Which certifications are most marketable as a BCOM graduate?

As a BCOM, the most marketable certification is the certified Public Accountant- CPa or the ACCA. They are basically the same only that ACCA is more expenseive and is also recognsied internationally. CPA is administered by Kasneb and is usually doen twice a year, in June and in December. It is is in three parts, I, II, and III of two sections each, making a total of six sections. You can choose to study the course on your

Should I enroll for a masters degree or take up a job that is not in my profession?

You have quite some tough choices to make. It depends in whcih field you are in. If you are in a field where practical experience is more valuable, let's say in the business, IT or media fields, then taking up the job to gain experience would be the most prudent thing to do. If however you are in a science or an arts field, then you might as well pursue your masters degree first before looking for a job. I assume that even as you take

Now that the government has freezed hiring, does it mean I cannot apply for jobs in parastatals like Kenya Power or Kengen?

You can still apply for jobs within those parastatls, but the vacancies are going to be limited, and the salry scales won't be adjusted for sometime to come. In recent years, salaries in the parastatals have paced to amtch, or even surpass the salaries in leading private companies, and in the govenrment's view, this is simply unsustainable in the long run. However, if you are a health practitioner, or want to apply for josb within the

Should I take up a job in a bank even though I have a Biotechnology degree?

I think you must be in a very deep dilemma. To be sure, it depends on what is your most important priority right now. If you are just out of campus and have no money to pay your bills, then taking the job would be the most prudent thing to do. You would then apply for jobs in Biotech field even as you continue with your banking job. However, if you have some income and are sure you want  a career in Biotechnology straight

I'm in a dilemma as to which career to select. Is BCOM better than engineering?

It depends on what you want, and what you are good at. Bachelor of commerce- BCOM can open great careers in accountign, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and related disciplines. On the other hand engineering can also open great careers in fields as energy, telcommunications, and the computer scinece and IT fields. While previously the engineering josbw ere not as high paying, these days the parastatals, and private companies like safaricom and Airtel have matche dtheir rates to be almost the same as fiance and

Is a degree in social work really marketable?

In social work, you can work in the NGO fields, in the UN, and in community projects. many of the entry level jobs are not that high paying, but with time, you can rise through the ranks to get lucrative jobs in this

Is a degree in entrepreneurship marketable?

A degree in entrepreneurship is marketable, but let's face it, it doesn't make you become an entrepreneur. It enables you to study for what makes a successful entrepreneur, and how they succeed. For you to become a successful entrepreneur or businessman, you have to plunge deep into the waters, and learn the ropes of the

Is a clinical medicine degree graduate the same as a clinical officer?

A clinical medicine degree graduate has in many ways the same skills as former clinical officers. previously, many clinical officers used to study in universities, but increasingly, this is not the case, as more and more universities are offering the course. The course can be studied in the many universities in the country, or at the

After how long should I change from one job to another?

The days when one would spend all their life working for one employer are usually long gone. In fact, if you have stayed for 10+ years with one employers, some prospective employer might even question your initiative, unless of course you had expanding roles within your company. ideally, you should stick to a job for at least two years before changing it, because again, if you keep on job hopping too frequently, you will come across someone who can's settle or cultivate meaningful relationships to work with one company. It

Can I study a different postgraduate degree from the one I did in my undergraduate?

Yes, it's perfectly possible. However, it will need to be in a related field. Only in certain circumstances can you study in a field that's completely different. The masters of business administration- MBA, is easily the most popular
postgraduate course, for no other reason than that anyone person with an undergraduate degree in whatever discipline can undertake in. However, if you are to make full experience of the MBA program, then you need to work at least for two to four years before going back to school. However, for the

How can I set my foot in the media and journalism industry?

It depends on which areas of the media you want to specialize in. Do you want to be a producer, a presenter, anchor, show host, editor, or just a  contributor? There is no one way to get to the media, but if you are going to work in the frontline, that is an anchor or a show host or a presenter, then you must at least be able to pull in audiences,
which is why many media houses are comfortable with hiring someone who also

Is a degree in supplies and purchasing management marketable in Kenya?

Initially, the degree was offered under the bachelor of commerce or business administration program, but increasingly many universities are offering it as a degree on its own. It is related to procurement in many ways, and one can be
employed in many companies or in government departments. However, you could also

Is a degree in Procurement marketable in Kenya?

Procurement is one of the fastest rising careers in Kenya. Initially, many universities used to offer it under the bachelor of commerce program, but many are now offering ti as a stand alone degree. The opportunities are in virtuallyevery industry. You can also do it as a postgraduate degree, so that you still have expertise in your

Are there positions for university graduates in the Kenya Defence Forces- KDF?

The Kenya Defence Forecs usually advertises for positions to join its ranks every year in the country's main newspaper publications. There are opportunities for both general servciement- thsoe who have a Form Fource certificate, and also opportunities for cadets and professionals, those who typically have a degree or even a masters degree- in any field.
Because of patriotism, and the security of the job tenure many graduates