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nasa must be a strong socialist party

a socialist believes that you can never put a worth on a teacher or a doctor. Nasa must in essence, create a functioning public service ec...


nasa must be a strong socialist party

a socialist believes that you can never put a worth on a teacher or a
doctor. Nasa must in essence, create a functioning public service

Jubilee has decided that it will be a rich man's party. Nasa must be
the poor man's party. it has to be the antithesis of jubilee. that is
the only way it will attract voters enmasse


ghana and gambia have paved the way for nasa

a few years ago, it was unheard for an african sitting president to
lose elections. it was just a simple premise. how could you lose
elections you had organised? this is how african incumbents approached

but ghana and gambia have rewritten the rules. in ghana, a sitting
president lost. in gambia, yahya jammeh, a long reigning dictator, was

this should give nasa enough motivation to go for the top seat. when
that happens, jubilee will be sent to the dogs, and kenya to the sky.

uhuru has decided to use angry outbursts to shore up his base

in 2013, the icc was the galvanising point in uhuruto campaign. in
2017, there is no icc. the focal point for uhuru now is angry

of late, uhuru has radically changed his mien. he knows that there
will be massive voter apathy in central. he needs to shore them up.

most of all, like in 2013, he needs to show that he is under siege.
this is the only way he knows how

nasa must aim for a perfect voter turn out

if nasa records a perfect voter turnout in its strongholds, it wont
even need central and rift valley.

this means that with western, coast, and nyanza, plus top ups in
turkana and maasai, nasa will safely romp into victory.

nasa needs a great ground strategy

the fact is that if millions attend your rallies but none turns up at
the polling booth, you will lose the elections.

nasa must work hard and convert the thousands that attend its rallies
into actual votes.its the only way for it to win hands down.

2007 was a failure of electoral body, not Raila

the comments uhuru made yesterday is unfortunate. everyone knows raila
odinga was robbed of victory in broad daylight.

what uhuru should have done is to ask that the electoral body conduct
free and fair elections.

this time round, the elections referee must conduct the elections with
clock precision.

uhuru 2007 remarks unfortunate

President uhuru kenyatta is back to his former self. He claims nasa
leader Raila odinga caused the 2007 post election violence.

Without opening old wounds, this is a malicious claim at best. The
reason for the violence was because mwai kibaki refused to accept

Any right thinking kenyan knows Raila odinga was robbed of his victory
in broad daylight. No one can deny that.

To turn around and say that Raila caused the 2007 violence is being
naive at best. That is as clear as I can get.


Uhuru has to be a one term president

In everything, there has to be a first. For President uhuru kenyatta,
he has to be kenya's first one term president.

President kenytta has failed to deliver on all his campaign promises.
The laptops that he promised pupils remains a pie in the sky idea.
President kenyatta downgraded that to tablets for a few selected

President kenyatta promised ethnic harmony, he deivered ethnic hate.
He promised to unite, he became a divider in chief.

In promise after promise, uhuru has failed. Its why he must wear the
tag of being Kenya's first one term president.


Ghana and Gambia sitting Presidents lost.Uhuru should be next.

The winds of change are sweeping African opposition parties. A decade
ago, it was unheard of for a sitting president to lose. In 1991, the
then DR Congo wondered how Zambia's Kenneth Kaunda could have lost an
election he organised. Late last year, we had two african opposition
wins back to back.

Ghana and Gambia represent what the future of african democracy should
be. The opposition wins in these two countries represent a triumph for
african opposition.

Kenyan opposition alliance, Nasa, must put its act together.Let not
the choice of its flagbearer distract it from its mission, that is, to
liberate Kenya from the yoke of oppression.

Nasa must make it 3 out of 3 for African opposition.That is its core mandate.


Nasa has to not just win, it must usher in a revolution

The opposition alliance, Nasa is poised for a major win in
August.Contrary to jubilee propaganda, nasa has more supporters than
Jubilee. What it just needs is to convert this many supporters into
actual votes.

In this then, nasa has to approach the august polls from a
technocratic angle. This then means that nasa has to have a perfect
voter turn out.

nasa has to aim for a win yes, but most of all, it must make kenyans
shift allegiance from their tribe to the larger kenyan nation state.

Tanzanians are unified by undugu. Ugandans are unified by their
royalty. Kenyans should be unified by economic prosperity. This is as
it should be.
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