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Friday, 24 June 2016

Brexit- David Cameron’s resignation should be a lesson to Kenyan and African leaders.

The United Kingdom- UK, has made a bold statement. That it seeks to leave the European Union- EU- and run its own affairs. The Brexit supporters felt that the EU was trampling down on the everyday British life, and disrupting the very essence of being British. However, what really touched me was not the way the Brits voted, but rather, the way that the events unfolded afterwards. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, resigned from office hours after it became clear that the Remain side had lost the referendum. What must not

Why Raila Odinga has to move from the left to the Center.

I will repeat it again. Raila Odinga is a social democrat. So is Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. So is Moses Wetangula. I said it earlier, Raila Odinga is the same as his two CORD teammates, and the challenge then is to find someone that can counterweight him both in terms of tribal numbers and in ideology. A social democrat believes that all people should earn the same, or essentially, that you can never put a worth on a teacher or a doctor. In effect, a social democrat believes that the government should be the sole creator of

Why President Uhuru Kenyatta should be a one term President.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has had the finest four years of his life. But it’s not a surprise. He was elected precisely because he was under siege from the international criminal court- ICC. If the ICC scenario was not there, Kenya’s political scene would have been vastly different. One can really infer then that the day he was sworn in as President is the day his task ended. The Presidency was then merely a tool used to counter weight the ICC. I would challenge anyone to name one achievement of President Uhuru Kenyatta- the

The search for the Elusive Luhya Unity- Will it succeed?

The Luhya electorate has times without number been searching for the elusive unity. In a nutshell, Western region aims to unite behind one leader for the Presidency. I will make a negative prediction- That this will not happen any time soon. If you take Moses Wetangula, he is a Bukusu, and the Maragolis and the Bukusus do not see eye to eye. If you take Musalia Mudavadi, he is a maragoli, and again, the same problem persists. I believe that the Luhya people should accept that they are disjointed at the moment, and instead of looking for

Why Kenya should adopt a hybrid Presidential and Parliamentary system.

Kenya is a state that is trying too hard to become a single nation. So far, Kenya is really a union of 42 gallant tribes. I believe that Kenya can accommodate both a Presidential and a parliamentary system, more along the lines of France. This will not lead to two centers of power as has been alleged by many detractors. In reality, it will free the President from the day to day mundane activities and leave him to concentrate on the policy side of things. The President could in fact be the head of state as well as the secretary of state, while

Can our universities go back to the days of James Orengo, Kabando wa Kabando, and Solomon Adagala?

Two decades ago, our universities were citadels of knowledge. They were places where a real exchange of ideas took place. Today’s universities are nothing close to that. When university student leaders like James Orengo, Kabando wa Kabando and Solomon Adagala went to the streets, it was about something that carried either a national or international significance. They didn’t really concern themselves with bread and butter issues as today’s university students have shown.
One remedy that I can prescribe is that we should remove the financial burden on our university students. Our university students are caught up in the daily struggle of surviving financially that they really have nothing

Mwai Kibaki- Why we must engage for Presidents.

Former President Mwai Kibaki has just gotten a job as Environment ambassador for the United Nations- UN. He has essentially been without a job since he left the Presidency. In the developed world, former Presidents go on to be peace ambassadors, or in the United States, go on to teach. In America, Democratic Presidents have generally had a longer post Presidency diary than their Republican counterparts. For instance, former President Jimmy Carter has written dozens of books and done charity work in Africa, while