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Second Lower Class Degree Holders- Do they face bad job prospects?

JKUAT University recently had its graduation.
In many such occasions, the events mimic those of weddings. If one got a First Class Honors, they will have the privileged of having all their three names mentioned (Just as it is with the First Class graduates all over Kenyan Universities). The second Upper, Second Lower and Pass degree graduands will just get a mention of their surnames.  

Now, after the graduation, many of the Fresh graduates will be applying for jobs in Kenyan companies.  If one looks at a newspaper job advert, one is likely to see a minimum of an Upper Second Class honors degree. Entry level jobs such as graduate trainees and Management trainees will particularly find this to be a requirement. So what happens to the Second Lower and the Pass graduates? In securing the First job at least, the grades do matter. After that, one’s work experience will speak for itself and many Second Lower class graduates do eventually catch up with their First Class Honors colleagues.      

It is true that one may need to have excess persuasive skills to convince the interview panel that they deserved to be hired. Despite one’s score in the aptitude tests, the class of the degree may put them off unless they have other skills to compensate for their grades in campus. For instance, during the vetting of the Supreme Court Judges, the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) questioned Judge Samuel Bosire on his Second Lower credentials. On his defense though, Judge Bosire said that he had lots of experience that was far much valuable than the academic credentials.

However, there are some creative types of Second Lower students who are mostly rebels with a cause. They are usually the campus hustlers, who would be working on their side businesses and other pursuits besides studying. When they spend time in class, their mind is probably thinking of other things and many of such types end up making good entrepreneurs and businessmen. In a way, research shows that there are two types of intelligence. The creative and the analytical intelligence. It is extremely hard for one to possess both forms of intelligence in abundance. Some students who score low grades may actually be very creative and a hiring manager may fail to recruit a talented worker by failing to look beyond the grades. Of course, I would be the first to say that not all students who score Second Lower are creative; some actually may be lazy and may not have cared much about the academic work in Campus. And it takes a keen human resource manager to distinguish between the two groups of students.    

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