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Weighted Cluster Points.

This is just a small follow up article on the Joint admissions board.
If you had a look at the JAB article elsewhere on this article (then you will probably not need to read this article). The weighted cluster point is an aggregate of the overall aggregate points and the raw cluster points. The overall aggregate points is the points that you get for all the seven subjects taken in KCSE. Of course some candidates do more than the seven subjects but only seven subjects are required for the overall aggregate points. The aggregate points are written on the results slip. For instance, Grade A starts from an aggregate of 81 points.

The raw cluster points on the other hand are the four subjects that are deemed the most crucial for the study of a course. For instance, if one wanted to study electrical engineering, then the raw cluster points would be made up of Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology/ Geography or any of the group subjects. The maximum raw cluster point is 48.

Now, the weighted cluster points are derivative of the overall points and the raw cluster ones. If you scored an overall point of 84 and you got a raw cluster point of 48, then your weighted cluster point will be 48. The weighted cluster points then begin dropping as your overall points and the raw cluster points keep on reducing. Due to the high competition for the limited courses, the weighted cluster points needed to enroll in courses has been increasing over the years. For instance, if one wanted to enroll for a degree of medicine as a regular student, they would have to score a weighted cluster point of about 47.7.

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