Jubilee claims it is a party of conservatives, it is anything but.
How do you frame Uhuru Kenyatta in terms of ideas? How do you try and place him within the scheme of global politics, where one is either a leftist, centrist, or a right wing politician? Of course, I will get the classical answer- TIA- This is Africa. That we don’t expect such parameters to define politics in Kenya and Africa. His coat hangers will then chest thump that they have a transformative agenda for this country. That they have a right to rule up to 2032. How do you have a transformative agenda for the country when you don’t have the foundation?

But for a moment, I will give Uhuru Kenyatta and his legion of followers a leakage. There party is supposed to be a conservative party. 95 percent of those who chest thump for Uhuru Kenyatta do not even know this. You can see as a country why we need to go back to 1963, when the battle was between ideas rather than between tribes. It is true, in Dr. David Ndii’s words, that project Kenya collapsed even before takeoff. The closest that that Jubilee can align itself with is the James Gichuru wing of the 1960s KANU, which favored that indigenous businesses be empowered and energized.

James Gichuru believed that in turn, if we create millions of flourishing businesses, they will create millions of clean, decent, and rewarding jobs that will supply taxes to the government, and ensure a great quality of life for Kenyans. President Uhuru Kenyatta is anything but a vision bearer for such a party. The closest people who come close to James Gichuru is Equity Bank’s James Mwangi and Peter Munga.

Let’s face it. President Uhuru Kenyatta is a tragedy for Kenya. He cannot be allowed to continue unmarked, to his second term. He cannot get to the finish line. This circus has to come to an end. We have to move Kenya from a country of base politics to a country where the best ideas are debated, and the cream of these ideas form the basis of governance of our country. Not the shenanigans that Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are subjecting us to.

We need a swirl of ideas, to trample upon and eventually bring this most dishonest government to an end. Eventually, even the most cunning predators have their day when they too get eaten. I suspect, and have conviction, that in August 2017, these two predators, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, who have connived and conned millions of Kenyans, will too get eaten.
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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bachelor of Science in Actuarial science – The course and where you can work.

The Bachelor of Science in Actuarial science is a relatively new course in Kenya, having been introduced some time around 1999 at the University of Nairobi.
Many universities are offering actuarial courses: University of Nairobi, JKUAT, Maseno, Moi, SEUCO, Mt. Kenya University, Strathmore. If we were to include the constituent colleges, they would add up to around 13.. Statistics is likely to be a major component of the course. One will be taught to calculate complex premiums such as in the insurance companies, calculate such risk events as floods, mortality etc. The insurance industry is one of the major employers of actuaries.

 After getting the degree, one will need to do the specialized actuary exams in order to become a fully qualified actuary. There have been hundreds, if not thousands of actuarial science graduates that have been trained in the past decade, but very few qualified actuaries; the ones who have done the professional exams. As of 2008, there were about eight qualified actuaries in the country. Major employers include the insurance companies, investment firms, banks where one can be employed as a risk analyst. Alexander Forbes seems to be the preferred employer that many actuaries would want to work for.

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  1. Many universities are offering actuarial courses: University of Nairobi, JKUAT, Maseno, Moi, SEUCO, Mt. Kenya University, Strathmore. If we were to include the constituent colleges, they would add up to around 13.

    Visit to learn more about the actuarial profession in Kenya

  2. Thanks for the clarification, I will take that into account and edit the article to reflect those changes. Thanks again.

  3. how many proffessional papers b4 u become a professional actuary after you have your degree? THank you

  4. Hi what was the cut-off points for acturial science in south eastern university college for students who did their Kcse in 2010?

  5. About the number of professional papers before one becomes an actuary, there are stages, much like there are stages in accuntancy exams. I suppsoe they would be more than four stages, but let me do some research, will get back to you in a short while.

    Hi! I don't have the 2010 KCSE cut off points for south eastern university college acturial science program as yet.

    However, the cut off points for the 2009 KCSE candidates was 37.0 .So, the 2010 cut off points shouls be slightly higher than that.

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    C.O.K Mabinda
    Kenyan Campus blog.


  7. The cut-off points for various Universities differ.I agree for UON it's 47, but for other Universities,it goes down considerably.According to the JAB website, the 2009 Actuarial Science cut off point for South Eastern University College was 37.0

  8. What was the cut off of computer science in south eastern university college for 2010 kcse students?

  9. i completed my kcse in 2010 my cut points were 46.3 can i qualify for acturial science in UoN?

  10. where do you sit for the professional papers?

  11. do you offer distance learning for the actuarial science course?and if so,can you do credit transfer if one was previously an actuarial science student at a public university?