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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry-The course and where one can work.

Bachelor of Science in biochemistry is a four year course that is in the medical field.
One will learn the essential skills needed in biomedical research, research into the causes of diseases, research into the development of drugs and diagnosis of
diseases. Many biochemistry graduates work for drug companies either as researchers or in some other related position. Such companies may include GlaxoSmithKline, Beta healthcare, Colgate Palmolive, ReckitBenkister among other pharmaceutical and medical research organizations.

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  1. Wat about barchelor of pharmacyWat about barchelor of pharmacy

  2. Pharmacy is all to do with drugs and their development. In a way, it is related in some aspects to biochemistry, especially, the science in the development of drugs. However, pharmacy training goes a step further, in that pharmacists can also administer the drug dosage and help the doctor in coming up with the correct diagnosis. Many pharmacists get employed by drug companies such as Glaxosmithkline,Betahealthcare, Pfizer,etc going the whole process from developing the drugs to carrying out tests. Government as well as private hospitals are also major employers of pharmacy graduates, helping the doctors in procuring the right drugs to the patients. The pay varies widely, and the starting pay can be anywhere from kshs.40,000 to kshs.140,000 per month, depending on your employer.

  3. How much does it cost 2 study pharmacy as a regular student in jkuat.and also 4 how long?How much does it cost 2 study pharmacy as a regular student in jkuat.and also 4 how long?

  4. The fee for regular students within a particular University is the same, regardless of the course the students are pursuing. The fee for JKUAT regular (government sponsored)students is usually between kshs.35,000 and kshs.55,000 per year. The last I checked was two years ago, so that's why I have given you the wide range, since I'm quite sure the fee today is slightly higher than the fee two years ago. In case you get the Helb loan, kshs.8,000 per academic year will go directly to the University as fees, so, you will just subtract the amount you need to pay by kshs.8,000.
    Pharmacy is a five year degree course.

    In case you need any more clarification, you can always feel free to ask.

    C.O.K Mabinda
    Kenyan campus Blog

  5. hello.thanks for your advice.i would like to know whether if i study Bachelor of science(BSC) at UoN i wil get a chance of specializing in biochemistry .

  6. Hi how good is the market for biochemists n their average pay?

  7. Hi mr Mabinda,
    Thanks for this Articles. They are quit Helpful i must say. Please Recommend a Course that i can do for my Masters and Phd program after Undertaking Biochemistry on my undergraduate level. Thanks :-) :-)

    1. You can do courses in biochemistry as well as MSC in phamarcy, medicinal chemistry and related disciplines.

    2. Wat's the starting salary for holders of bachelors in biochemistry