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Do KCSE candidates really know which career is best for them?

This is the time of the year when students are nervous.
The KNEC national exams, KCSE and KCPE are just a few weeks away and the students are doing their last preparations before they can tackle the all important exams. The exams will open and shut doors for many, depending on how the students will perform. A few students that excel in KCSE will get their dream course, while a lucky few will get scholarships to study outside the country. The rest of the students will either join the parallel degree programs, or join the middle level colleges.

It is true that many of the KCSE candidates will choose courses that are deemed prestigious. Few students, if any, ever choose courses due to their personality traits and talents. The societal pressure is such that the brightest of the students will choose such courses as Law, medicine, engineering and business courses. However, it need not be so. Some of the students are definitely talented more in the Arts than in the Sciences, and it would seem appropriate for them to select the courses. It is also true that many of the KCSE candidates have no idea about the course they are selecting. In effect, some universities elsewhere in the world allow the students to select a variety of units in their First Year in campus so that the students discover where their talents are. This way, the students will have a much wider knowledge of the courses they are about to select.  Alternatively, the universities would have allowed the students to major in dual degree so that they may then practice whichever course they deem necessary.

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