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2011 KCPE results

The 2011 KCPE results are hopefully going to be announced after the Christmas
break, well, if past trends are anything to go by. The debate on whether public schools should have the advantage of sending more students to national schools is going to rage on for some time, as happened early this year. The education minister, Prof. Sam Ongeri, initiated the policy after the seemingly bad results posted by the public schools. The education ministry  however recently scrapped the special offer for public schools.

And it is easy to predict that the 2011 KCPE results will not defer much from the previous year’s results, especially as regards the performance of the public schools versus the private schools. Even though the Free Primary education has been one of the hallmarks of this government, teething problems have not rendered the project to be exceptionally successful. For instance, the public school teachers are overworked, sometimes attending classes of over 100 students, and giving each of them the much needed concentration becomes very hard. The few facilities, with sometimes four pupils sharing a desk, while the rest have to sit down is in itself a manifestation of just how much the disparity between the public and private schools are. Contrast with a top class private school where a student gets access to the computer and internet, the library is just a stone throw away and you begin to appreciate the differences in their performances year in year out. Not all private schools are that endowed, but the few that are extremely endowed usually manage to outperform the public schools by such a large margin. And really, the 2011 KCPE results will no doubt reflect this.
Article by Mabinda C.O.K 

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