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Career Question; Is Human Resource undermined?

Hi! I’m doing Business Management and
would like to specialize in Human Resource management in my Third Year. However, many of my friends tell me not to do it, since it’s not marketable. In which fields can one work as a Human resource graduate, and what is the starting salary. Thanks.

Though Human Resource is a branch of Business Management, it has not been given the same recognition as the other branches such as Accounting, Finance and marketing. It is only recently that the role of Human Resource management in companies s becoming more prominent. In this line, many CEOs and senior managers are now at least giving the Human Resource department the same recognition as say the Finance managers.

As a Human Resource professional, you will effectively deal with hiring and firing of staff, staff training and development, taking disciplinary action on staff, structuring employee salary and compensation claims, in general ensuring that the contractual obligations of both the employer and the employee are met. As a general
rule however, the HR will always be on the side of the employer, probably the reason why many employees dread the HR department. Whereas these are important tasks for any company, it is amazing how many companies relegate HR to the backburner. Whereas talent is crucial for any company, little effort has been made by many companies to really uplift their talent. The common cliché is that “Our workers are our greatest asset”, but in reality, few companies ever live true to this maxim. And really, there is no reason why they shouldn’t since these days; workers are part and parcel of human capital, in essence, even more valuable than machinery, or other forms of capital.

The other reason that HR has not made fats gains is that regulation is fairly hard. Accountants have their own professional body, ICPAK, and it’s therefore easy to punish wayward members. But for HR, regulation of the profession is still a hard nut to crack. The starting salary of most HR professionals is anywhere between kshs.25,000 and kshs.50,000. Some of the employers include all the major companies, job recruitment agencies and the Civil service.

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