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Career Question: What professional certifications can a Computer Science/IT student do?

As a Computer Science/IT student, what
professional certifications can I do to increase my chances of employment and career growth?
There are many Computer Science and IT students,and true, many students are simply trying to do their best so as to stand out. A there are thousands of Computer Science/IT students that graduate each year from the universities and colleges, the competition for the few jobs becomes stiff. Acquiring a few additional professional certifications is all good; however, take care not to overdo it, as you may appear misguided and lacking direction in your professional growth. Going to an interview and presenting papers from vastly
unrelated fields may sometimes be detrimental.

Having said that, there are some professional certifications that may enhance your career growth. For instance, software development certifications such as Java, C++, XHTML amongst other programming languages can be useful. For those that are creative, graphic design qualifications and animations are great. The certifications that cut across the board include database management systems, probably by Oracle, Microsoft Certified systems engineers, Cisco Networks systems analyst/engineer (CCNA), A+, and hardware maintenance.

Technology keeps on changing, what was fashionable five years ago may be obsolete by now. The need for Computer Science and IT graduates to continuously upscale their skills has never been greater as it is now. Many technology companies have their own development programs. Such companies as Safaricom, Airtel, Siemens, Nokia, Erickson, amongst other communication companies will take you through a training period, since they are only too aware that what you get you in campus are academic qualifications, but for you to work effectively, you will have to get the on the job professional skills.
Mabinda C.
Blog Editor

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