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Career Question: Why did I do an MBA?

Hi! I have a Masters degree in Business
Administration (MBA), I have applied for several jobs but I have been unsuccessful so far in securing a job. I spent close to kshs.500, 000 for the masters degree course and I’m beginning to feel as if the investment has gone to waste. Please tell me, is an MBA really necessary, does it really help one to advance in their career.
These days, many professionals are trooping back to class; really, the competition for the few lucrative jobs has gotten stiff. And what better way for the aspiring professional to advance in the career ladder than to go back to class. Previously, the MBA was introduced as a way to groom lower to middle cadre workers for positions within the senior management. And the fact that the MBA can be pursued by anyone with an
undergraduate degree, regardless of the course of study, is quite telling. However, whereas the MBA started from such humble origins, now, most employers use it as a screening tool, given the many applicants that apply for the few available positions. 

In it’s proper sense, someone should have at least have three or four years experience before aping for the MBA degree, this is the rule in much of the world. However, our universities have relaxed that rule somewhat, and even someone straight from an undergraduate school can apply for the degree. Whether the Universities have done this so as to make more money quickly or for other reasons is not clear.  

The short end is that the MBA is intended for young professionals to build on skills that cut across the management field. Such skills would include financial management, strategic management, technology management, law compliance amongst other skills. Whereas it’s a great tool for additional skills, it cannot in any way replace the core skills needed for management. So, my advice is that one should first acquire some experience before enrolling for the MBA, or alternatively work as they pursue the MBA degree.

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