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Career Question; Why your course no longer matters to employers.

Hi! I have attended a number of interviews
and employers seem not to care about the course I studied in Campus. All I was asked about were general questions and not any specific question on my course. Are interviews for first jobs generally like that or did I miss something?
The observation you have made is true these days. There are many reasons why employers are not so much fixated on the course you studied. One of the reasons is that the employers know that in College or University, one is generally acquires academic qualifications. But to perform well on the job, one must be retrained before they can hit the ground running. May be one of the reasons why many employers do not want to hire fresh graduates is that they have to be retrained, which is usually at a great cost to the company, only for the company to lose that talent once the employee gets a better package somewhere else.

The other plausible reason is that there could be a mismatch in what the universities teach, and what the employers demand. The employers have variously called for a curriculum review in many of our universities,
so that the curriculum and training is in line with the job market demands. While some universities are definitely trying, others clearly need to improve in this area, as the same curriculum that has been may be ten years ago is the same one being used today.

The third and most common reason is that really, with an undergraduate degree, one can work across many general disciplines. To the potential employer, the skills needed to succeed in a job, unless very highly specialized, are largely the same. Such skills as analytical thinking, creativity, numerical reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, are critical to the success of any professional. And the truth is that such skills can be acquired from a variety of disciplines.

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