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Career Question;Are attachments really necessary?

Hi!Are attachments really necessary? I
faked my log book and attachment diary, since there was really nothing I was doing in my attachment. My work schedule was most mundane and boring, I was just being sent to buy airtime and newspaper for the boss. Are all attachments like this? Are there any useful skills one can learn from attachment or internship?
While attachments were intended to expose students to the real working environment, many students and companies alike do take them for granted. For many a student, this is largely a formality, so that they can be assessed and fulfill the course requirements needed to graduate. For the companies, attaches and interns are
sometimes viewed with derision, people who distract others from their work and what have you. Worse still, some companies are only too eager to use the interns as extra helping hands, and in the process get to reduce the labour costs substantially.

However, it need not be so. Attachment can open many doors for the student who is keen to learn and develop their skills. Many attaches have been employed by companies where they interned, simply because they were excellent in their work, or they established contacts and networks that were useful in securing a job. So, as much as one is going to gain on the job skills, one is also going to be able to build important contacts and networks, which may prove useful during job hunting. On the part of employers, attachments can provide great way to build your brand, and effectively get to hire the best and brightest in the field. The companies first need to be transparent in how they take in interns, so that they may in turn attract the best interns and future employees.
Mabinda C.
Blog editor.

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