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Career Question; I'm a BCOM student, What certifications can make me more marketable.

Hi! I’m a BCOM student, what additional
qualifications or certifications can I do so that I’m more marketable and can advance in my career.
Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) is arguably one of the most popular undergraduate courses, not just in Kenyan but elsewhere in the world. Since every company must be managed properly, the demand for BCOM graduates exists across all industries, that is BCOM graduates can practically work in any established company.

Since there are many specializations within BCOM, the certifications you can do are also quite many. Some of the common specializations within BCOM include Accounting and Finance, Insurance, Marketing, Human
Resource Management (HRM), Information systems/IT.

Now, under Accounting and Finance, the CPA is the most common professional certification. One can do up to CPA III, leading to the ICPAK CPA certification. You can also pursue ACCA, which although more expensive, is globally recognized, which means you can pretty much use it to look for a job anywhere in the world.  Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) certification amongst other Financial software certification are also important.

In marketing, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), is arguably the most recognized. Other certifications are also recognized in supplies management, In IT; Oracle, MCSE, database management, CCNA are just some of the certifications that may prove vital. CPS (Certified Public secretary) gives you a head start in HR.

While pursuing a few certifications can help you stand out, some employers might not take to liking too many certifications in vastly unrelated fields. So, balance is key, and if the certifications in any way lead to a poor performance in the BCOM degree course, then the degree should be given priority at all times.

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