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Career tip: Why doing a new course might be dangerous.

Hi! I’m pursuing actuarial science degree course, a new course that was
introduced just a few years ago. Even though I’m excited about pursuing the course, I’m still concerned since the course is still new.

In regard to your case, there sure are many advantages of pursuing a course that has just been introduced recently. One of such pros is that there is little competition when looking for jobs. For instance, the first set of Computer Science and IT graduates around the year 2000 received jobs immediately after graduation.
However, these days, the competition for IT jobs is intense and the graduates usually stay for some time before getting jobs.
Likewise, for actuarial science degree majors, the graduates who have obtained the professional certification are high in demand. As of 2008, there were about 9 qualified actuaries in Kenya. It is important to note that holding an actual science degree does not in any way make you a qualified actuary. You will still need to do the professional actuarial exams, which are fairly harder than the exams in college and university.
There are however cases in which doing a new degree might not be so forthcoming. This is especially if the university has not done its homework well. May be the university just didn’t market the course well to employers and the general public. For instance, initially, many employers didn’t know the difference between mechatronics and mechanical engineering, and during internships and jobs, many employers placed the two sets of graduates together whereas in fact, the courses are different in so many respects.

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  1. Well, anything new in our lives can be dangerous specially if it is planned poorly and the execution is bad. New courses may be bad if you don't become responsible enough to study and finish it well. But if you do, the rewards could be great.