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Frustrated in getting a job outside your course- Never mind.

Nowadays, it appears that too many graduates do get jobs outside the professions or
careers they trained in. Really, why else would you get a job in an area that you didn’t train in? Doesn’t this constitute a waste of resources both on your part and the government’s part? While the ideal situation might be for every job seeker to get a job in a course they trained in, this is hardly the case. These days, it’s not hard to get an engineer working as a banker or a teller, or a microbiologist working in the insurance field. To add on, some companies nowadays do not look
at the particular course that the candidate trained in. Many   are just interested in the general job skills such as excellent analytical, creativity, problem solving and communication skills.
And the fact of the matter is that such skills can be acquired from a variety of disciplines. In addition, when one is applying for the first job at least, the employers already know that you don’t have the necessary professional attributes for the job, apart from the academic qualifications. This is one of the reasons why aptitude tests are becoming popular with many employers these days, since they can unearth the general skills that many employers are looking for. So, it really is not that bad to take that first job outside your profession, but with time, try and work towards a career within your course. Having said hat however, there are some people who are happy to work in professions they didn’t train in. Such people probably didn’t get into careers that they had desired due to pressure from parents, society or just misplacement by Joint admissions board.

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