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KCPE 2011 results

The festive season is here, but with it also comes a time of anxiety and
anticipation, as the more than 700,000 KCPE candidates await the release of the KCPE 2011 results. The KCPE exams are important in that they mark the progress of the candidates from the primary school level to the secondary school level. Many people would of course expect that the Private schools will outperform their public school counterparts as has been the case for many
years now. In fact, one of the drawbacks of the Free Primary education has been the seemingly mounting gap between the performance in the public schools and the performance in the private schools.
Perhaps, at the release of the KCPE 2011 results, an analysis of the performance of the KCPE stars in high school, universities and later on in their careers would be in order. Probably, the Kenyan journalists should do an investigative piece on the career fortunes of the past KCSE stars, how did life turn out later for them, did they excel in life, or were they unlucky later on in life. It would also be important to consider how the star private school candidates fared later on in life as compared to the public school candidates.
Article by Mabinda C.O.K

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