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KCPE exam results 2011

Even as the standard 8 candidates await for the KCPE exam results 2011 to be
released, one really needs to ask the importance of the KCPE exam. Is it merely an examination tool that is used to screen applicants to the next stage? Rather, to select candidates for the national, provincial and district level schools. So, what happens to those that shall have missed a place in the secondary schools, where will they go? Every year, the media treats us to a story
on the mass number of students that are going to miss places in high schools, but the policy makers have never done anything to provide such youth with alternative avenues of education and career advancement. Really, what avenues exist for the standard 8 drop out? Even a security guard or a messenger these days needs at least a Form Four certificate in order to be hired? Isn’t the wastage of such a vast amount of talent really bad for a country?
And even as KCPE exam results 2011 will be released, one hasn’t as yet considered the eventual repercussions for a country. Having been faced with no alternatives, such youth will simply disappear into oblivion, and just perhaps, some may find a modicum of livelihood. But for many, life will be hard for them. What of those that have other talents that cannot be measured by our education system? Would their talents just disappear like that? For instance, actors, footballers, singers and musicians have not been known to be particularly good in class, but their art work does enrich our lives, offering stress relief to many people. Shouldn’t such mass wastage of talent really be considered a crime, I think so. 
Article by Mabinda C.O.K 

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