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Kenyatta University love hangovers

By Stella Njogo
Kenyatta University student
It’s raining hugs and kisses: end of semester
love hangovers
It’s the end of semester and people are busy reading for their exams. But love and all its side shows don’t take a back seat in all this educational bizarre. School is about to be on recess and lovers in the house are already feeling love sick.
In KU there is a path called lover’s lane outside Nyayo 1 hostel and at night the flurry of hugs and kisses has in no way decreased. It has in fact doubled and the air literally screams love me! For the ones who are dating, late night extended strolls in the manicured lawns of KU have increased in frequency. The holiday plans are
being mapped out and the love embers are blinking all around.
The unfortunate people are those who happen to be single and are coincidentally sharing living premises with someone who has a relationship with someone who can’t seem to keep their hands off them. They find themselves exiled and forced to stay in the library for more hours than they would have bargained for. My pity actually mostly goes to those that live in the wooden prefabs where the activities of the next door neighbor are no secret to anyone. The walls are so thin that any vigorous movement that might be made will be clearly heard by the adjacent room. I don’t imagine what they have heard so far.
For those in relationships, feel free to show your undying devotion. I am in no way dissing you. It’s just that I noticed its coupling season reloaded.

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  1. True that is. Pity on those that are single but yet again they may be on the safe side. I love the feeling's that's out there. Love in the air is cool but watch yourselves out there. It aint that a simple thing. Love you guys. If you need some loving, look me up. Or check this out,