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A must have for you to get your first job or attachment- Soft skills.

Hi! I have attended numerous interviews
but I’m often asked what soft skills I have, what are soft skills, and can they affect the chances of me securing a job in any way? Since I didn’t get the job I had been interviewed for, I’m assuming may be I didn’t quite reply correctly to the question.
You might have a first class in your degree, let’s say software engineering, be a first rate programmer and coder, but you still might not be selected for the job. You might ask yourself why, well, here’s why; you don’t possess the soft skills needed to perform the job. While being good on technical skills was all it took to secure a job, these days, many HR managers and recruiters are paying a particular attention to soft skills.

For instance, however great of a programmer you might be, you will still need to communicate to your bosses about the projects you are pursuing so that they allocate more funds, time and the necessary talent for your project. If you can’t pass the point across, then it becomes very hard for the project to take off. Similarly, for the project to be a success, you will have to communicate to your co-workers or juniors on every little detail
of the project. Again, communication skills, team work and leadership skills will need to be utilized. The short end is that it’s hardly enough to accomplish a project these days based on technical skills alone. Soft skills such as communication, team work, persuasion are being increasingly demanded by employers.

Job recruiters now administer such tests as personality tests to gauge these skills. Whereas the aptitude test gauges your IQ, the emotional intelligence tests such soft skills. In fact, some companies such as EABL will give you tasks as part of the interview process, in effect; the interview process becomes much like a reality TV show. Others such as auditing firm KPMG administer personality tests, principally to help unearth your depth of soft skills. While not advocating for show offs, who may be all words and no action, a bit of soft skills would definitely be a great addition to a person who already possesses the technical skills needed for the job. And the good thing is that one can learn such skills, even people who consider themselves to be shy can effectively learn such skills. 
Mabinda C.
Blog editor

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