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Salary or experience?Your Career Questions answered.

Hi! I have two jobs, one gives me a great
salary but it is outside my course and area of training. The other has a lower salary but it is within my profession and course of training. I’m in a dilemma, which job should I choose, should I go for salary or experience, please advice.
First, you are not the only one to have such a career dilemma; many professionals are in such a situation. True, money might be a motivator in most situations, but it might be important to consider other factors before you decide to take the job with the higher salary. If you aspire to rise within the ranks of your career, it would then be appropriate to take the job with the lower salary but within your profession. The low pay will be
compensated by the great experience you will be hopefully acquiring. Of course, we are hoping the salary isn’t so low that you won’t be able to meet your day to day needs. On the other hand, sometimes, people may choose to work in professions outside their training. Such people may have done a course and realized that they did not have the passion or the innate abilities needed to succeed in the job. After all, how many doctors, engineers have we heard ditching their professions and settling in a career that many would consider being less glamorous. If you opt for the job outside your profession, it would then be appropriate that you gain some certifications or other skills that would make you indispensable and compensate for the lack of academic papers in your chosen job. Hope I answered everything, in case you need some more clarification, you can always feel free to ask.
Mabinda C.
Blog editor.

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