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Your career and course questions answered.

Hi! How what about ,how much does it pay?
BCOM (Bachelor of commerce), is a very wide course that has many  specializations. You can specialize in such areas as marketing,  accounting,
Finance, Human Resources and Insurance. Each of the above  specializations have their own market rates. If you are good in Math,  then accounting or finance are the courses to specialize in. Such  careers within the accounting and finance discipline include accounts  clerk,
accountant, auditor, management accountant, cost accountant,  Finance director, risk analyst, investment analyst,insurance excutive  etc. Such careers are highly rewarding for the highly talented, starting  salaries are between kshs.25,000 and kshs.75,000. Some of the best  paying employers within this sector include Pricewaterhousecoopers,  Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst&Young etc.  

In marketing, if you love  promoting brands, seeing the brands of the business flourish, help the  company make more sales and connect with consumers, then that is the  career for you. Some of the careers under marketing could include  advertising executive, sales executive,brand manager, marketing manager  etc. Since every company must promote its products and sell in order to  remain in business, some of the highest paid professionals are  marketers. Some of the highest paying companies within this profession  include EABL, Bamburi, Media companies etc. Starting salaries can range  from kshs.25,000 to kshs.75,000.

If you are passionate about  developing the talent of people, training them and seeing them  contribute more to the company, then this is the career for you. You  will deal with such issues as hiring and firing, keeping employees  records, determining the compensation/salaries of employees, etc.   Previously, the human resource profession had not been much recognized,  but that has changed nowadays, as you hear companies saying that 'our  workers are our greatest asset'. Staff and talent and have now become in  essence a form of capital, and many companies are now giving the Human  resource manager the same recognition as the Chief Finance officer.  Regrettably though, it is only in large companies that the Human  Resource profession has been given the recognition it deserves.
Answer by Mabinda C.
Blog editor

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