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Your Career questions answered.

Question: Pliz help me is statistics more marketable than bcom?What of its combination with statistics.
 ABOUT STATISTICS being more marketable than Bcom, I would say that
both careers certainly are marketable. In BCOM, you will specialize in either Accounting and Finance, Marketing or Human resources or Insurance. All these areas are
marketable; just choose whichever area you are talented in. A combination of Statistics and economics may enable you to work in the finance sector, economic planning of government, market research, research, banks, insurance etc. If you are good in Math, then BCOm (Accounting and Finance/Insurance) or Statistics/economics are both good. If you are not good in Math, then BCOM (Marketing or Human Resources) is a good fit.
Answer by Mabinda C.
blog editor


  1. Is bachelor of business management (civil aviation) marketable course in Kenya?? What fields will one work after graduation?

  2. Hi! I presume you meant Bachelor of Business management. In Business management, you can specialize in Accounting/Finance and Insurance, Human Resource management(HRM)and Marketing. If you are good in Math, then you can pursue accounting and Finance. In this field, you can be an accountant or finance professional, an auditor, accounts clerk. You will generally work in the financial field such as banks, insurance companies or basically in any credible company, since all companies must at least have a finance department.

    In marketing, you can be a brand specialist, helping promote your companies brands and overall image, an advertising professional or a sales executive, where you will help the company meet its sales targets.

    In Human Resource management (HRM), you will be involved in the management of staff and talent, the hiring and firing of employees,disciplinary action on employees, keeping employees files and records, structuring the salary and compensation of employees amongst other tasks.

    Hope that is clear, in case of anything, you can always ask.

    Ahsante sana
    Mabinda C.
    Blog ditor

  3. I attained an A- in my kcse but got B's in math and physics,which has limited the number of courses I can do. I would like advice on the best course to take that involves IT and business as I have already completed CISCO and CCNA networking..please advise

  4. is bachelor of science(physics)marketable in kenya,and if it is where can one get a job.