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Agony of being a regular student.

It is 9AM on a Thursday morning.
It’s a packed lecture hall at the University of Nairobi. It’s one of those common unit lectures like communication skills where there are like a thousand students in a hall. The noise is deafening to say the least, as the students wander off into discussions on the latest political developments in the country, who is dating who in campus, and which student has an affair with a lecturer. Such a conversation wouldn’t have happened if today’s lecturer was on schedule. He hasn’t arrived yet and it’s one hour into the lesson, another student tells me. It’s a three hour lesson, so, we’ll wait for him for another thirty minutes and if he doesn’t show up, then we’ll have to call it a day and go back to our rooms. Sure, they wait for another thirty minutes, and then one by one, they start walking out. So, I ask one of the students, “Is this the way it has always been? I ask as we move along the corridors of the university. A student further behind interjects. Yes, it’s always like this. She tells me. We are regular students, and the lecturers are not bothered by our plight. They prefer to teach the parallel students, where they are assured of making much more money. Look even at the exams we do, she continues, they are way harder than the exams parallel degree students sit for.  Every semester, our worst nightmare is being called for resits and supplementary exams. The parallel students don’t have those kinds of worries. How can they when the universities know only too well that they are the cash cow. Look, when we strike, their studies go on uninterrupted, while ours comes to a stop all of a sudden. We believe we are punished for our success in high school, and it’s just not fair, she implodes.

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  1. Regular students are never serious with studies,since most of them are financed by the government and HELB.The only option they have is to remain in their rooms and watch movies in fact parallel students are the most serious in campus since they pay a lot of fees.With exams there is no difference between regular and parallel exams since its supervised by external penal and examiners.Regular students are using their own weakness to spoil the name of parallel student, and its there own defensive mechanism since they even rarely go to library to read at their own most of them are my friends let them not spoil the name of university of Nairobi

  2. Hi C.O.K you gave me hope by your response 2 that story i had thought campus life bores as regular. I just did kcse and managed to get A- i have qualified electrical eng kenya poly it was my dream but the recent riots made me lose trust with it please advise me.