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Five Career Advices for BCOM and Arts students.

Students in science, medical, and engineering courses usually like to make fun of students doing Bachelor of Commerce- BCOM, and the Arts related courses. Sometimes, Arts students can take this literally, and feel that their course is not marketable enough. However, if you are pursing any of the so called Arts and Business related courses, here are five career advices that should cheer you up.

1. All courses are flooded.
Currently, there is no course in Kenya that isn’t flooded, unless you are training to be an undersea cable welder or some other strange profession. Even medical and engineering students these days stay for months- even years on end without jobs. So, take heart and embark on doing things that will make you stand out, not spending your energies pondering on how you will change your course to a more marketable one.

2. BCOM and Arts courses are still the most marketable courses.
Turn to any newspaper job ads section, or a jobs website. Chances are high that 80 percent of the jobs advertised are still within the Business, and the Arts courses. Sure, one could counter argue that there are also thousands of students within these professions, but that is besides the point. The fact is that there are job
opportunities, and for any day, just count the number of NGO jobs advertised, and you will not think twice about changing your course because of its marketability.

3. BCOM, and Arts Courses open doors for managerial jobs in companies.
Count any ten managers in a company, chances are that they hold a degree in an Arts or business related discipline. Since a career in the Arts or Business teaches one to deal with people, it usually is a preparation for a top managerial career. Half the time, a manager will be putting down fires, or leading teams. What a better way to prepare for such eventualities than by enrolling in an Arts or Business course.

4. BCOM and Arts students have more time for extra-curricular students.
Since many BCOM and Arts courses are not as demanding as the Science and engineering courses, students have more time to indulge in extra-curricular activities. They can easily balance between the academic and extra-curricular activities. This allows them more time to develop their leadership capabilities and other talents that might prove crucial in future. They also have more time to socialize and create deeper networks, watch movies, things that science and engineering students would only dream of.

5. BCOM and Arts students spend less time in campus.
BCOM and Arts students typically spend less time in campus, since they don’t have to also do lab work and other extraneous activities. In a typical duration, they spend four years in campus to get the Bachelors Degree- hoping that no major strikes take place. However, they can also take just two and a half years to complete their degree course, if they enroll for the parallel degree option, and opt not to go for the long four month holiday, but just the one week break between semesters.

In essence, an admission to a BCOM or an Arts course shouldn’t be a cause for worry. Instead, it should be a celebration of the tremendous career opportunities that lie ahead; just as the science and engineering students have an almost entitled view that life will be better after clearing campus.

Full Disclosure- BCOM in this case refers to all Business related courses, including economics and Finance. Arts courses is an acronym for all Bachelor of Arts related courses.

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