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Five Careers for Shy People

While it’s often thought that extroverts have a great advantage in the office, introverts and shy people could just as well excel in some careers.
So, here are five careers in which a shy personality won't hold you back.
1: Graphic Designer
Creativity can be a solitary process - and it's not unusual for graphic designers to spend time alone thinking up big ideas for clients. Another plus for shy people: Graphic designers could have the opportunity to
freelance or work from home.
Related degrees: Graphic designers often have a bachelor's degree in Information Technology (IT), Computer Science, Graphic design or Fine arts. A diploma in any of the above disciplines is sometimes enough to start a career in the field of graphic design.

2. Accountant
Accountants, who ensure that financial information is correct, typically spend more time with numbers than clients, making this career track a nice match for people who enjoy data as opposed to office gossip.
Related degrees: Most accountant positions require a bachelor's degree in accounting or finance. Some employers might look for applicants with a Master's in Business Administration (MBA), with a concentration
in accounting. Similarly, a CPA qualification is not only desirable but a great advantage in launching a career in accounting. There are so many areas an accountant could specialize in, and the smartest accountants are usually just a heartbeat away from the CEO’s corner office.

3. Computer Programmer
Computer programmers are changing the way we interact with devices of every kind from iPads to automobiles as well as online services and business applications. One of the perfect jobs for a shy person is computer programming because programmers tend to work independently, and with little to no interaction with customers.
Related degrees: A bachelor's degree in an area like computer programming or Computer Science is often required in this career, while for some positions a master's degree is preferred. Closely related degrees include network administration and IT & information systems. However, for programmers, proficiency is much more a matter of practice than the degree qualification. It’s important to remember that while the IT/ Computer Science degree gets you through the door, great programmers are usually people who code on their own.

4. Actuary
Actuaries, who specialize in risk assessment, often spend their days pouring over statistics involving people - not talking to them. Actuaries and mathematicians are usually up to their necks in databases and algorithms. Actuaries often have a bachelor's degree in areas like Actuarial Science, mathematics and statistics. It is however important to remember that for one to become a professional actuary, they would have to do the professional actuarial exams, and not just get the degree alone. As of 2008, there were nine professional actuaries in Kenya.  Other related degrees include finance and business administration.

5. Dental Technician/Assistant.
Dental technicians often work behind-the-scenes, assisting dentists and hygienists, working with a model of a patient's mouth rather than the patient themselves.
Training is available in the form of accredited dental laboratory technology programs, available in KMTC, and medical colleges and universities around the country.

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