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How to find a Job as a Graduate Trainee.

These days, companies have realized that some universities have fallen short when it comes to equipping graduates with the necessary skills for the job market. Companies have come up with programs to ensure that they get fresh talent from colleges and universities, and then train them for one or two years before posting them to various departments. Some companies call this program the ‘Graduate Trainee’ or ‘Management Trainee’ program. Here’s how you can tailor your Cover letter, CV or interview so that you can be hired as a Graduate Trainee.

1. Put emphasis on Grades.
While this doesn’t mean that you have to get an A in each and every unit you undertook in college, it does mean that you shouldn’t also have too many Cs and Ds in your transcript. The reasoning is quite simple. In the absence of any work experience, employers will be forced to rely on grades as a gauge on whether you will be able to perform that task well. Sure, an A or B grade doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be the best worker, but it does mean that you can follow instructions, can learn fast, and are also hardworking.

2. Emphasize on your Leadership Traits.
A natural leader is always a magnet for any employer, since they would likely be able to solve complex problems, guide their team, and inspire their team to great heights. Leadership traits are manifested through
many ways. It could be through being a student’s union leader, being a sports captain, or participating in many community initiatives.

3. Pay attention to your internship/attachment.
Internships and attachments are a great way to boost your CV, especially if the internship was at a reputable place. An internship at a reputable place not only shows personal initiative, but also demonstrates that you have gained certain work skills.

4. Rely on powerful recommendations.
It’s often said that organizations don’t hire people, but rather, people hire people. A powerful recommender or referee in your CV or Cover letter could open many opportunities. Let’s face it, the hiring manager is as human as you are, and she will likely be enthralled if the person who has recommended you is a well known name in her industry. However, there is a thin line between relying on powerful recommendations, and becoming a self absorbed person who drops big names at every instant without the need to do so. So, where do you meet the powerful recommenders and put them in your network? You could start from the college professional associations, where big names in the industry always come to address such student associations.

In Summary.
A perfect graduate trainee candidate would likely employ all the four methods above, but since it’s highly unlikely that one would shine in all the areas above, then a strong performance in one or two areas, coupled by average scores in the other areas could see you secure that dream graduate trainee job. Happy Job Search !!!

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