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Teenager sells mobile news app to Yahoo for 30 million dollars.

A British teenager has sold an Apple iPhone app, which he had designed in his bedroom, to Yahoo for at least (30 million dollars).

Nick D'Aloisio, 17, invented the Summly software that automatically reduces lengthy news stories and features to a user-friendly format on an iPhone or a mobile phone.
Nick, who lives in London, invented the app last year and it has already been downloaded almost a million times.
According to the Daily Mirror, Nick will work for Yahoo at their London offices while studying for three A-levels subjects at high school.
He first had the idea for Summly when he was studying for mock exams at home in 2011 and decided that it
was "inefficient and time wasting" to click between various articles on Google.
Because of his young age, his fortune will have to be paid into a trust fund.

Nick, who taught himself to code aged 12, told the Telegraph ahead of the app’s launch last November: “I’m described as a net native, so I was born when the internet was founded and have only known a world with internet.

“I was using Google and Bing and there were so many results to scroll through it was really inefficient.”
“So I built an algorithm that shared them and trimmed them. Then it just transformed into the idea of: 'why not just summarise news in general?’.”

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