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The top five inspirational celebrity power couples.

Adapted from Ghafla Kenya. Love is passion, relationships are hard work. Being a celebrity usually puts untold pressure on relationships which are already pressure cookers to begin with. But somehow, these couples have managed to weave a beautiful fairy tale for themselves and for their fans.
Please understand that there have been ups and downs even in these relationships but that hasn't stopped them from soldiering on in the name of love.

1. Sheba Hirst and Eric Wainaina
Eric Wainaina stumbled. He fell for one of his co-stars in a Broadway production that was all Kenyan. If anyone is to blame, he is. Most women would have left him. Tiger's wife did. But Sheba stayed by her man. She stood by him when he deserved it the least. And he understood what that meant as I’m sure any guy above 21yrs of age does. That is true love.
Sheba understood that life isn't always perfect, but love is. And it's healing. Sheba is a wise woman who understands the importance of speaking life into her man: If you love a man, encourage him, believe in him and be his peace. Denzel Washington said that.
If ever a love story made this love atheist believe in love, it has to be this particular story.

2. Juliani and Brenda
These guys have to be the youngest power couple out there. She is drop dead gorgeous and he is successful. He is actually the only gospel artist whom a lot of secular and underground rappers respect lyrically. And you
can add me to that bandwagon. Juliani is the definition of ashy to classy. From selling eggs to riding in a Mercedes.

Everyone had an opinion about their relationship when they went public. The Christians might as well have lynched them and the secular lot didn't react any better. Everyone wanted to know why he chose to date an individual not associated with gospel and everyone spoke to Brenda Wairimu as though she were performing her act of charity by dating Juliani.

But they paid everyone no mind. They kept living and loving. And that is the power of love people. Love doesn't care what the world thinks, because the person you want to share your world with is content.

3. James Smart and Remmy Manjala
This couple has taken to the internet to declare their love! They've been sending each other love messages back and forth on twitter and I'm happy the feeling makes a chap as huge as James Smart all mushy and mellow. I'm happy for James and K24's Remmy Majala. That is the strength of love people!

4. Redsan and Delilah
Little is known about Redsan's girlfriend Delilah. He has done his bit to protect her from the glare of the adoring public. That is actually how I would conduct my relationship if I were a celebrity. But the thing I like about this relationship other than the fact that he protects her is that Delilah has held him down even when he was still on his come-up! She has been with him through thick and thin and they have stood the test of time. That is the power of love for you. Not even time can erode it.

5. Nameless and Wahu
These guys started dating while Wahu was still in university. She was actually his dancer. And the cheapskate stiffed her on 2,000/- that he owed her for a performance. But all is well that ends well it seems. They are now married and raising Tumiso together in wedded bliss.

A few years ago however there were rumours circulating about a possible divorce but they emerged from all that stronger. That's love for you. Even when others count it out, it finds a way to rise above all the doubt. It's resilient.

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