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When to do a postgraduate degree.

Many job seekers think that by enrolling for a postgraduate degree, they will radically increase their chances of getting employed. But is this really true? When does a postgraduate degree add value, and when does it not? Here are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to postgraduate degrees in Kenya.

1. When you scored a low grade in undergraduate degree.
Let’s say you scored a Second Lower or Pass in campus. In some professions, it is extremely difficult to get a job (specially the first job)- without a second upper and above, and so, your best solution might be to enroll for an additional degree in order to compensate for the low grade in campus.

2. If you want to get additional skills.
It goes without saying that an additional degree does confer one with some additional skills. If you are in the arts disciplines for example, a postgraduate degree is always an additional boost to your job chances.
However, in the practical science and engineering disciplines, you may need to get some experience even as you aim to get additional papers.

1. Don’t do a postgraduate degree to buy time.
With the high unemployment rate in Kenya, many job seekers are returning to class to do an additional degree. They are not doing so because of any need for additional training, but just to buy time as they wait for the job market to improve. However, if your pursuit of degree is not tempered with some job search skills, then, at the end of your masters, you might find yourself at the exact point where you left at undergraduate.

All things being constant, a postgraduate degree is a good addition to your career journey, and in some instances, will make the journey to the top shorter. However, before burning all the hundreds of thousands of shillings to enroll in school for additional papers, you need to make sure that the value you will get from the papers is worth the time and investment you will put in.

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  1. I think thats a great piece,especially for undergraduates.They need to know what realy lies ahead of them.zachary.