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3 Certifications that could add value to your degree.

Apart from pursuing your degree, there are some other professional certificates that could help you advance your career. Of course, there is a thin line between diversifying your career options, and getting papers left, right, and center. Even as you get more certifications, they must be aligned within a certain career addition, and not simply enrolling for certifications as a matter of increasing your bets. Here are three certifications that could put you ahead of the pack.

CPA- Certified Public Accountants-could put you ahead when applying for any accounting/auditing job or a job within the Finance industry. This would be a great combination for students pursuing Business courses, engineering, and IT. However, even students pursuing a social science degree could still enroll for the CPA
certification. The CPA has three parts, each divided into two sections. CPA exams are administered by KASNEB, and are done in June and December with payment of a small fee. ACCA is the same as CPA, the only exception being that it is recognized internationally, and is more expensive.

2. CIPS/ Procurement Certifications.
CIPS- Certified Institute of Purchasing and Supplies, would be a great certification for those pursuing Purchasing, Supplies or Procurement related degrees. According to reports, this is one of the fastest growing careers in Kenya. The certification would be great for anyone that wants to work within the procurement, purchasing and supplies field.

3. Language certifications.
Perhaps there is no certification in a language, but if you are within the hotel and hospitality industry, or intending to do business within the region, then it never hurts to learn some foreign languages like French, Mandarin- Chinese, German, or Kiswahili.

In summary;
When you want an additional certification, it always helps to align the certification with your career. Having totally unrelated certifications could cast you as a job candidate that is not focused, while a certification geared towards your career could go a long way in opening doors for you. Always ensure that the college you will enroll in is credible, and if possible, an external examiner is usually more preferable than the college’s own exams.

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