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3 Great careers for women.

There are some careers that are traditionally considered women’s careers. Human resource, media, marketing, or some Arts courses are the careers that many Kenyan women readily choose to pursue. However, here are some careers, though considered male dominated, are careers we think women should pursue for faster professional progress.

1. Engineering.
Less than 10 percent of Kenyan student engineers are women. Even fewer go on to practice engineering at a professional level. However, precisely because of their low numbers, many companies are actively encouraging more women to apply for jobs within engineering. Some leading engineering companies like
Nokia, siemens, Safaricom, Airtel, KenGen, and Kenya Power, have an open door policy of accepting more women within their ranks, and supporting them to fulfill their professional dreams.

2. IT/ Computer Science.
While the number of women pursing Computer Science and It is definitely higher than those pursuing engineering, they are still less represented in top cadre professional levels. While many women are happy to do the basic IT stuff, few are fast rate coders and programmers. However, some few women have broken these ranks. Juliana Rotich, co- founder at Ushahidi- a disaster monitoring site that has won many international awards, as well as Jessica Colaco, Ory Okolloh and many more women have broken new grounds in the IT field.

3. Accounting/ Finance.
There are an increasing women accountants and finance professionals. However, male still dominate this career. The common image of an accountant is still that of a smartly dressed man. However, a few, like Stella Kilonzo, have trail- blazed, and are now appointed on several company boards.

While all these careers require a strong aptitude in Math, that doesn’t necessarily mean that only men excel in such careers. Sure, more women will still pursue the traditional women careers, but for the few who choose to break from this trend, the career prospects can be great.

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