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5 Best Kenyan Towns to work in.

Not many Kenyan workers like transfers, unless of course, it’s from a remote village to a big town. However, in the civil service and government jobs at least, one has to be posted to remote areas at some point in their career. Here are the five towns or cities which I think you should celebrate if you are posted to any one of them. I have carefully weighed the cost of living against the abundance of many essential services.

1. Thika.
Thika’s close proximity to Nairobi makes it arguably the best place to be posted to. You will enjoy all the luxuries that Nairobi affords you, yet still get to live your village life. Thika used to be the most industrialized town in Kenya in the early post independence years, but many factories have since collapsed. However,
there are still some large employers that call Thika home. Such companies and institutions include Bidco, Del Monte, Mount Kenya University- MKU, and Nampak amongst others. Equally, there are many banks, hospitals and other essential amenities, ensuring that you get all the essential services, but still avoid the craziness that is the Nairobi city center.

2. Machakos.
If all the plans by the government to build the Konza techno city succeeds, then Machakos will be the most sought after street address after State House. The confluence of many small and big companies, and young budding talent will create a sort of mini city that is associated with tech or university campuses, not different from Boston in the vicinity of Harvard and MIT, or Silicon Valley in the vicinity of Stanford University.

3. Mombasa.
Some say that Mombasa is only good for holidays and not for working. However, there are still some great companies to work for in Mombasa, like Bamburi cement or Kenya Ports Authority- KPA, to name just a few. However, the cost of goods in Mombasa is quite high, and you might need to get used to the heat and coastal environment for a while before fitting in. Also, Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, which means many Kenyan companies have their regional headquarters in the city.

4. Nakuru.
Talk of a town that just combines the rural environment, with the feel of a city, and Nakuru immediately comes to mind. Being two hours drive away from Nairobi, you could schedule your entertainment gigs for weekend if you really must be in Nairobi, but some new joints are opening up in Nakuru which will soon make it one of the must visit cities. If you want fresh produce, you can be sure to get it straight from the green lush Rift Valley farms, rather than the contaminated lead saturated sewage farms that many Nairobian vendors get their vegetables from.

5. Kisumu
Kisumu is nearer to Kampala in Uganda than to Nairobi in Kenya, which would obviously make some people feel they are far away, especially if it’s their first time in the city. However, Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya, and many companies use the town as their regional headquarters for Western Kenya. Every morning, you could be waking up to the beautiful scenery of Lake Victoria, and on weekends, there are many entertainment and leisure spots that could keep you occupied. However, food prices are also significantly higher compared to other towns and cities.

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