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5 double degree combinations that could add value to your skills.

Some universities- especially private universities- do offer double degrees at the undergraduate level. That means, you can graduate with two degrees from related areas. Even if your university doesn’t offer a double degree, it could just as well offer additional units in certain disciplines to augment what you are already studying. Here are the most common double degrees that could be of immense value.

1. Computer Science and Statistics/Math.
Computer Science and Statistics are subjects that complement each other. A data analyst, for example, needs skills of both a computer scientist and a statistician, to make valuable conclusions.

2. Hospitality and Foreign Languages.
In the hospitality industry, you’ll likely speak with guests that are fluent in a language other than English or
Kiswahili. If you work in high end hotels especially, then a double degree/ concentration in each of the above disciplines will add value to your skills in innumerable ways.

3. Engineering and Computer Science.
Much of the engineering problems are now solved by complex computer programs, further increasing the need for an engineer to be proficient in programming as well. In fact, some disciplines like electrical engineering and Computer Science are rapidly merging.

4. Economics, Finance and Accounting.
 If you take a discipline in any of the above degrees, then it would also be appropriate to also take additional elective units in the other related disciplines. In fact, many graduates of economics, Finance, and Accounting work in similar industries, or in industries that overlap.

5. Sociology, Human Resource, and Administration.
If you are in any of the above disciplines, you will likely be dealing with people, either in the NGO industry, media, or in government. A degree in any of the above disciplines, plus additional elective units/ courses, in the other units would be a good addition.

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