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5 Fastest Growing Careers in Kenya.

Want to know some of the careers that are set to be hot in demand in the next few years? Here they are, some of them may be under appreciated, but that’s no reason not to pursue them.

1. Counseling.
Aren’t we just a little too stressed these days? There is just too much pressure. There is pressure from breaking marriages, losing jobs, retrenchments, financial distress and everything in between. Be warned though, the profession is not regulated, and you may compete with many quacks in the field.

2. Cosmetics and beauty.
Everyone wants to look beautiful these days, and a first impression really does make a difference. From everyone wanting to have smooth faces, tattoos, being dressed nicely, you can be sure demand will only
grow. Most of the programs are offered at the diploma level, but a few universities have began offering degree courses.

3. Renewable energy.
Clean energy seems to be on everyone’s lips these days, and with the concern for global warming growing, you can be sure that careers in the renewable energy sector will be growing.

4. Early Childhood Development (ECD).
Nursery schools used to be free, an option even. Many of my friends skipped it altogether and went straight to class one. This is however not the case these days. An ECD costs more than even a primary school itself, since educationists believe that the analytical, creative and cognitive abilities of a person really begin to shape during her formative years.

5. Cyber security/Internet security.
Fraud on the internet has increased to alarming levels. There are just too many lies on the internet. Credit card fraudsters, hackers, terrorists, child traffickers, are all prying the internet, and you can be sure you’ll be much needed.

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