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Facebook unveils new phone.

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site with a billion users, has unveiled its "Facebook phone", which would be powered on android phones. 

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said consumers would be offered something far more than an "ordinary app" - an entirely "new experience" called Home.
He said: "We are not building a phone and we are not building an operating system, but we are are building something that is a whole lot deeper than an ordinary app."

Mr Zuckerberg said, "We're really proud of Home and we're excited to get it in your hands ... we think that
this is the best version of Facebook there is."
The Facebook Home will come preinstalled in HTC phones, before rolling out in other phones in the near future.
In a short explanation of how Home would work, Mr Zuckerberg said: "The homescreen is really the soul of your phone. You look at it about a hundred times a day. It sets the tone for your whole experience and we think it should be deeply personal. So today we're going to talk about this new experience for your phone. It's a family of apps and you can install it and it becomes the home of your phone.''

In a short demonstration, Mr Zuckerberg showed viewers how the new product would appear on the homescreen of an Android phone and offered users the "highest quality experience''.

"It's not just for productivity and business although it's great for that too. It's also for making us more connected, more social, more aware. And Home, by putting people first, and then apps, by flipping the order is one of many small but meaningful changes in our relationship with technology,'' he concluded.

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