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Five best towns to work in Kenya and the region.

Some professionals are happy to stay within their home towns, while others dream of their companies posting them to their dream cities. Some Kenyan companies, like Equity Bank, MKU, Co-Op bank, KCB and Nation Media have already established a presence in the East Africa region. If you are willing to rise in your career, and globe trot and travel the world, you could start with trips to the HR department to post you in these East Africa regional cities first.

1. Nairobi, Kenya.
Fair to say that it would hard for a company to post you outside Kenya, if it hasn’t posted you to Nairobi within its headquarters first. Since Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, it would be a good rehearsal for posting in the region.

2. Kigali, Rwanda.
Kigali, Rwanda has risen from the dark past of the genocide to one of the must be destinations for professionals and businessmen in the region. No work permits are required in Rwanda for East African
workers, and registering a business takes just a week or so. Rwanda’s president, Paul Kagame, is the poster child for prudent management, and you can bet that Kigali will continue to attract talented professionals.

3. Kampala, Uganda.
Since Kampala is the capital of Uganda, it follows naturally that the first posting for any expatriate will be Kampala. The environment is quite similar to Kenya, and an increasing number of Ugandans also speak Kiswahili, which means it will be easier to acclimatize into the environment. Let’s also not forget that their also many Kenyans in Uganda, which would obviously come in handy for your social life.

4. Arusha, Tanzania.
Arusha is the diplomatic capital of East Africa, hosting the East Africa Community, plus many regional organizations. It would therefore be a natural posting for any company or NGO. The culture and the language of Kiswahili is fairly the same as Kenya, which would make it easier to adapt to the environment.

5. Dar-es- Salaam.
How could I forget to include Tanzania’s commercial capital on the list? Of course not. Since Dar- es- Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania, then you can expect that if you are talented enough, and want to explore new opportunities in the region, the HR will yield to your request soon.

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