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Five Careers that did not exist 10 years ago.

In the last ten years, some careers have gained quick prominence, and are proving to be more lucrative than the more traditional careers. Here are five such careers:

1. Gym/ Fitness Instructor.
As we become increasingly conscious of our health, gym and fitness instructors are getting hired in increased numbers. Currently, they are being hired mostly in upmarket places, but with time, their numbers will increase.

2. Social Media analysts.
More of us are online these days, and on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus. Have you ever wondered who updates the Facebook page or Twitter account of your favourite politician? Most likely, it’s a social media analyst who has been hired to do that. Incidentally, social media also presents tremendous opportunities for companies to analyze how their brands are perceived and social media analysts and marketers help in unearthing such information.

3. Data Scientists.
Huge chunks of data are being released everyday, and data scientists help to make sense of this data. Mostly,
they are statistics or IT and Computer Science graduates who have gone further to specialize in the data field.

4. Petroleum/ Green energy engineers.
While many Kenyans have previously trained in the traditional engineering areas of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, a new breed of engineers that will tap into Kenya’s vast energy resources is in critical need. Tullow Oil Company has already sent the first batch of future petroleum engineers and geologists to be trained in the UK, while the Geothermal Development Company- GDC, has specially trained engineers in the geothermal field. Green energy engineers in wind, solar and bio-fuels will also be needed in due time, as they continuously research on ways to produce clean energy that is not harmful to the environment.

5. Actuarial Science/ Financial engineers.
Actuaries work within the wider insurance industry, to calculate risks. Financial engineers work on the complex capital markets, and financial instruments. They work in investment banks, or any area that previously would have been suitable for a Finance graduate. A strong aptitude in math is needed to excel in these two professions.

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