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Five emerging careers for the future.

Some careers will continue to be marketable for a long time to come. If you are pursuing Medicine, Law, engineering, IT, or Business and social science courses, then your career will still be in demand. However, in addition to the careers above, it is perhaps time that you had a look at some of the other careers that are set to be in demand in the near future.

1. Acturial Science.
Actuarial science deals with the calculation of risks, and Actuarial science professionals work in the broader Financial and insurance industry. However, you will only be marketable if you do the additional professional actuary exams, in addition to doing the Actuarial Science degree.

2. Financial engineering.
Financial engineers work in the same fields as many Finance and BCOM graduates, but their scope is far much deeper. Their quantitative skills are far much more developed, and they also have a deeper grasp of how computer programming plays into the whole mode of financial transactions. Financial engineers work in
the investment banking industry, in capital and financial markets, and such related industries.

3. Business Information Technology- BBIT.
BBIT combines elements of both business and the Information technology. As many business transactions become automated, and as technology becomes increasingly an important component in the day to day running of business operations, BBIT graduates will find themselves at a vantage position to be at the top of the professional ladder.

4. Counseling.
More people are getting stressed, and counselors are in ever greater demand. However, the profession is not wholly regulated, so, one needs to make sure they get the requisite professional accreditation to stand a good chance.

5. Renewable energy engineers.
As the world gets concerned about global warming, renewable energy engineers will be needed to provide cleaner energy solutions to solve this problem. Wind, solar, bio-fuels, geothermal, and many other renewable engineers will have a rich research field, should they choose to pursue postgraduate studies or venture into research.

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