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Gloria Muliro defends famed Pastor Joel Osteen.

Adapted from Ghafla Kenya! This past week, there has been no end to the rumours circulating the internet about Joel Osteen's quitting his Ministry and citing lack of faith as his reason. Of course, it was a hoax story, but it was even run by CNN.

And in comes Gloria Muliro. She is no stranger to controversy at some point even being accused of stealing a song. But one thing cannot be disputed about Gloria; she's a staunch Christian and I think the hoax hit a little too close to home and she has now decided to defend Joel Osteen.
Here's what Gloria Muliro had to say:

be careful the devil is planning to spoil, abuse Men and women of God through Internet lies and evil people who are serving satan.

In what apparently began as an April Fool's prank—the responsible party still unnamed—a number
of false websites went online that claimed Pastor Joel Osteen had left the Christian faith.
The hoax included fake Yahoo, CNN, Drudge Report and even a bogus website for Osteen himself, claiming that the Lakewood Church pastor had resigned and was "refuting the Bible."
Regarding the hoax, Osteen said, "All is well, I still have my faith, and nothing has changed. Some people just want to create a stir…," Osteen told the Houston Chronicle. "99.9 percent of the people knew that it was just something far out."

Unfortunately, in an exclusive interview with the Huffington Post, the man responsible for the false websites—who insists on remaining anonymous—says he plans to continue the charade as long as he can.
The unnamed prankster reportedly did it because he "wanted to send Joel a message… to talk about more serious subjects, such as…GMOs, the poisons in our food and water, alternative cancer cures…"
I wonder though, what could be more serious than a person's soul?

The prankster may be disappointed in Osteen's reaction, however, as he is "turning the other cheek," as ABC News puts it. (Although some sort of legal action wasn't ruled out.)
"You can't stop everything from happening," says Pastor Joel, "But you can choose to say, 'God, it's in your hands, I'm gonna move forward, I'm gonna stay full of joy and I'm gonna enjoy this day.'" Looks like another example of Romans 8:28 in action.

If you are against the devil’s Propaganda
Type that :( devil you are a liar)."
Gloria Muliro concluded on her Facebook Page.

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