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How to clean up your online history to land that job.

Research shows that controversial tweets can haunt any web user - with many recruiters having turned down employees due to posts that they made online. Here's how to get rid of embarrassing material you or others have posted online, and stay private.

Thankfully, getting back your online reputation is a lot easier than many people imagine - a few basic steps can ‘police’ your profile on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, simply by adjusting privacy settings, or hiding and deleting unwanted posts.

There are ways to hide embarrassing posts or photos on blogs and other sites, even without their owners agreeing to delete them.

The best tactic in this situation is ‘flooding’ Google with results that push unwanted ones down.

“Take solace from the fact that 97 percent of searchers never look beyond the first 3 pages of search results.
If you can push the negative results down by posting positive or neutral information that's more current or has more appeal to search engines, you'll win the battle 97 percent of the time.”

-Create a Google Plus profile with information you want employers to see, as Google searches tend to rank its own social network highly - and creating a LinkedIn profile with job information. Filling both of these with information about your skills is a useful first step.

-Use image and blog search functions to ensure you stay on top of information posted about you - and unless you are a columnist or your views are highly sought after, don’t generally put your political or religious views out there.

-Don’t trust privacy settings on social networks - as these may change from time to time.

-Manage friends’ lists so that you can control what is posted online - so that, for instance, you can control who mentions you, or tags you in images.

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