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Journalism Attachment Job Opportunities- Bizrika Internship Opportunities in Kenya

Bizrika urgently needs a business journalist intern to start working immediately.

Please note that you must be qualified by demonstrating a strong record of having done similar tasks before by writing for a relevant business newspaper, magazine, website etc, have a strong passion for business matters, be a holder of a strong diploma or degree from a recognized institution.

Please give verifiable prove in your application.
You must understand what it means to produce high end business content including reports, whitepapers, business news, market analysis, trends monitoring etc.

You should be committed, willing to go the extra mile without compulsion, work fast and diligently under
minimum supervision, be extremely creative and above all be a person who finds it easy to blend in a focused team.

A strong masterly of PR skills will also be an added advantage.

You need to portray a strong corporate personality, high interactivity, friendly demeanor, happy spirited, creative, intelligent, appealing business image and a strong will to succeed in new frontiers.

A person who qualifies for this position is one who enjoys writing.

We are no looking for those who can write. We are looking for those who enjoy writing.

You must have ‘mad love’ for writing, particularly business content.

Let’s hear from you.

Please apply urgently to