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Meet the Campus hustler with the most Facebook Pages.

Adapted from Ghafla Kenya: With the growth of social media in Kenya, there are sharp brains out here who have seized the opportunity to hustle and flow. So much so that social media has become the sole provider of their daily bread.

We’ve already seen the likes of Facebook King OJ Oballa make a killing out of social media, however now there’s a new blood in town. Aggrey Sayi AKA Aggrey Mmoja is a testimony that social media is a lucrative
business. A fourth year Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Option) at the student at Kenyatta University, Aggrey, has risen to become one of the most sought after social media marketers in Kenya.

Aggrey turned his addiction of Facebook into some serious cash in 2011 when he started social media marketing. You may ask where his inspiration comes from? Well, the social media guru divulges that the fact that social media marketing is relatively untapped and also much related with the course he takes. In his words, “It’s a blending of the two skills”.

Admitting that social media marketing is a money-spinning venture, Aggrey adds that apart from the cash, it also enhances marketing and visibility of businesses and brands. He’s even contemplating registering a social media company and also creating his own social media website.

So just how many pages does he manage? Over 50!!! Take a look at some of them;
Campus Swag
It’s Only in K.U
It’s Only in M.K.U
It’s Only in U.o.N
It’s Only in Maseno University
Vituko za K.U
Vituko za Thika Road
Vituko za Masstudee
Vituko za U.o.N
Maswali ya polisi

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