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Mobile phone apps that could ease your life as a student.

These two apps won't write your assignments or essays for you, but they will make the whole process a little more enjoyable. As a caveat, make sure you have a mobile phone that allows you to download apps, and the good thing is that such phones are cheap, even as low as 5,000 shillings for some smart phone models. 

1. Evernote
What does it do?
Evernote is the perfect companion to a messy student. Everything from notes, web clips, audio snippets and business cards can be organised in Evernote. Take a photo of some class notes and Evernote will digitise
them, allowing you to search for specific words later on. It is very handy when close to a deadline, just near end of semester or CATs season.

Why is it good?

Evernote works across devices and syncs all your data to your online account. Its add-ons allow you to sync sketches, recipes and directions. All of which can be retrieved later from any device. 

Any drawbacks? 

Evernote has expanded quickly over the last few years, assimilating a host of other apps. As a result its somewhat complex to use. 

2. Dropbox
What does it do?
Dropbox transports your files between devices. Begin your assignment in the library and drop the file into your Dropbox account. Download the mobile app and check it on the bus home. Get back to your laptop and open the same file from your Dropbox folder.

Why is it good?
Most likely, your university account will be full of old assignments, journals and notes. With Dropbox all these are accessible from your home computer or laptop, provided you drop it into your account first.

Any drawbacks?
Dropbox's slogan is 'simplify your life', staying true to this mantra the app is a little featureless. There are no editing features or ability to preview documents from the website.

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