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PRESENTING Kenya's Richest Male Celebrity.

Adapted from Ghafla Kenya: From his cars, to his businesses, to his philanthropy, Charles Kanyi is not shy of declaring his wealth.
The public knows him though, by his stage name, Jaguar, and he has recently been blazing a trail that has perked the eyes and ears of the listening public. He is concrete evidence that showbiz has started to pay off
big time in Kenya. From humble beginnings as a sawdust seller, matatu tout, car washer and a drug addict, Jaguar has climbed up against the odds to become Kenya's richest male celebrity. Here is a list of his many recent achievements that helped him towards this peak:

- A 20 million shilling car collection
- A 15 million shilling house along Mombasa road
- A 25 million shilling house in Karen
- An eight-figure endorsement deal with the TNA party
- A six-figure tour contract with Safaricom
- A fleet of matatus
- Millions in music royalties from MCSK
- Precious stones
There is no other male celebrity in Kenya that holds claim to such a vast investment portfolio.

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  1. lol. precious stones ndio gani? bling? lol
    Good for him though.. May God continue blessing him, for those like me... Tuendelee na