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Saudi Arabia to deport Foreign Workers.

Saudi Arabia will deport thousands of workers, in the next 30 days or so, a government report says. According to the International labor organization- ILO, there are about 600,000 foreign workers in the Middle East, many of whom work in enslaving conditions. According to the same report, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and other countries in the Middle East region are conduits for human trafficking.  The Kenyan government has banned Kenyan workers from being recruited by recruitment agencies to work in Saudi Arabia, but it is believed thousands of Kenyans are smuggled through the borders to the Middle East each year.

In 2011 in Saudi Arabia, an Indonesian househelp was beheaded for allegedly murdering his employer, and
foreign workers are usually executed or receive harsh sentences if found to have done even a minor mistake. In the same year, a Kenyan househelp was thrown off the windows of the third floor apartment of his employers’ house, but was lucky to land into the swimming pool.

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