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Seven great overlooked courses.

If you’ve missed on the cut off points for your dream courses, here are some seven fallback courses which could just as well take you to the same career path.

1. Bachelor of Economics.
If you miss out on bachelor of commerce, business management, or administration, this course could still lead to the same career path as the business related courses. What’s more, you’ll study business concepts at a much deeper level. If you add say a few CPAs or ACCA, you could even be a better job candidate than the business courses candidates.

2. Bachelor of Statistics.
If you miss out on Actuarial Science, then Statistics could just as well make for a good replacement. In fact, some allege that Actuarial Science is just but a branch of statistics. If you are good with numbers, then you
could take to the course like fish to water.

3. Bachelor of Dental Surgery.
For those who missed out on medicine, Bachelor of Dental Surgery could just be a good replacement. With many Kenyans keen on their looks and appearance, the demand for dental surgeons is expected to rise.

4. Bachelor of Agribusiness/ bachelor of Agricultural economics.
If you remove the name agriculture, then the course is very much the same as the BCOM, or other business related courses. Much of the curriculum is the same, except for a few additional agricultural units.

5. Bachelor of Pharmacy.
If you still love to work within the medical field, but do not want all the stress and the blood-scene that is associated with hospitals, then pharmacy could be a great option for you. You will still be able to administer drugs and even carry out research into the courses of chronic diseases.

6. Bachelor of Science General.
If you still want to pursue Computer Science, or Math and other physical science courses, then Bachelor of Science could be a good route. In the first two years, you will select either Physical or biological sciences, and then specialize further in the third and fourth years. Some universities like JKUAT offer a specialization in Math and Computer Science for students that meet the cut off point.

7. Bachelor of Arts General.
Bachelor of Arts, just like Bachelor of Science, offers a great deal of specializations in the Third and Fourth year. You could specialize in many of the Arts courses in the Third and Fourth Year, and graduate with the same skills and competencies in sociology, economics, literature, religion, amongst many other specializations.

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