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The 10 highest paid Careers in Kenya.

If money is your only motivation for choosing a career, then these are the ten careers that you should consider.

1. Medical doctors.
Many bright students select medicine for the simple reason that the profession pays well, and they are also guaranteed a job after graduation. If you can withstand the long working hours, which sometimes can take a toll on your social life, then this is the profession for you.

2. Accountants/ Actuaries/ Financial experts.
Accountants and Financial experts ensure the revenues of the company are well utilized, and they also collaborate with outside agencies to source for funding for the company. If you are good in numbers, then a
career in Finance/ Accounts/ Actuarial Science could be highly rewarding financially.

3. Politician/ Political analyst.
A while back, politics was not thought of a career, but nowadays it is. It has spawned a whole new industry of political analysts, consultants, think tanks, advisers, and other related careers. Just think of names like Mutahi Ngunyi, Adams Oloo, Makau Mutua, and Tony Gachoka, to realize how much lucrative the profession has become. Kenya’s youngest MP, Kinoti Gatobu, is 26 years of age, while the youngest county rep, Kimetto Munge, is just 19 years of age.

4. Marketer.
Every company must promote its brand, sell its products and maintain or increase market share in the industry. Marketers are charged with that task. It is why they are some of the highest paid professionals in Kenya.

5. NGO/ Civil Society specialists.
The NGO and aid industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Kenya. Many of those who work within NGOs routinely make six figure incomes, and drive the latest range of motor vehicles. Usually, a degree in the Arts, or in Law, is a pre-requisite for working in this industry. Organizations like Oxfam, UNEP, UNDP, Open society of East Africa - OSEA, are some of the common employers in this sector.

6. Programmer/ IT specialist.
As we turn into a society that is ever hungry for information, IT specialists are at the fore front of making this change happen. They write code, network the systems in a company, ensure safe data storage, amongst other key specializations.

7. Radio Presenters/ News anchors.
Radio Presenters and news anchors have become the new celebrities, and the monies they combine are well above those of the average Kenyan worker. Many have complained that the journalism profession has been infiltrated by those who don’t hold a journalism degree, but to their defense, media stations need numbers and great audiences so as to advertise products to. Whoever gets the biggest numbers is usually the one who is hired, so, getting in is quite tough, even if you have a journalism degree. Many with a journalism/communications/ PR degree usually get jobs as editors in media companies.

8. Lecturer
Conditions for teaching in many universities have improved, and these days, lecturers are some of the highest paid individuals in Kenya. If you also consider that their work schedules are fairly flexible, you get a sense that they are not exposed to the high burnout environment that many in the private sector are prone to.

9. Energy engineer.
Energy is one of the hottest commodities in Kenya, making energy engineers some of the most highly sought after professionals. With the discovery of oil in Kenya, the extraction of energy from the geothermal mines, and the ever greater need to diversify to renewable energy resources, one should be at home financially with a career in the energy field.

10. Pilot/ Airline/ Hospitality Jobs.
Jobs within these professions pay well; the only hindrance is that the training is quite expensive. However, some companies such as Kenya Airways train their own pilots through the Graduate Trainee programme.


  1. tell us something small about duration it take,amng the colleges and skuls tht offer it,hw mch is it,wht dirs it deal with etc

    1. CPS- I presume Certified Public Secretaries exam, is administered by KNEC, and the exam is usually done in June and December, provided one has paid the requisite exam administration fees. You can enroll in any college to train for the exam, since the exam is externally administered, the quality of the college will not matter much, so long as you are able to pass the exam. KNEC usually advertisers the centers where the exams will be done.