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The must knows before you enroll in a University College.

The must knows before you enroll in a University College.
In the last two or three years, about 14 university colleges were upgraded to full university status. This means an increased number of students will be accepted into universities, and explore opportunities in the higher education sector. However, enrolling in a university college or a university that was upgraded recently poses some challenges for students.

The university college is lesser known.
Since the university colleges were only formed recently, employers may have a harder time recognizing them.
However, the advantage is that you can also get to pursue lucrative courses such as Actuarial Science at much lower weighted cluster points.

Make sure the course is registered.
If you will pursue a medical, law, or engineering and many other professional courses, enquire if the course has been registered by the relevant bodies. Two years ago, Kisii University College Law students had to stay home for a few months as they awaited for the course to be registered by the Law Society of Kenya- LSK. However, the matter was later sorted out. Similarly, Law courses at Inoorero University came under scrutiny, a matter which is yet to be sorted out. Engineering courses have also been hard hit, as many graduates were forced to go back to campus to sit for an additional ten or twenty units.

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