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2 Great Movies for this weekend.

The weekend is almost here, and as usual, your two weekend movie reviews of recently released movies. Here they are.

1. Iron Man 3.
Action    Time: 2 hours 10 Mins
Hollywood's famed Chinese Theater forecourt is the scene of what appears to be a bombing but turns out to be something else, an attack by human beings whose eyes begin to glow scarily before their bodies heat to the point of explosion. Stark's security chief is among the badly injured, while the ever-resourceful Tony recognizes a similarity to an attack previously made in Tennessee.
At first, then, it appears that the strategy behind Iron Man 3 will be to bring chilling real-world dangers to Tony Stark's doorstep in a more immediate and realistic way than ever before. In fact, the enemy literally does come to his door, in the form of a merciless helicopter attack on his oceanside home that entirely destroys it. Initially presumed dead, he then materializes in Tennessee, where a bright orphan helps him connect the dots between the earlier local incident and recent events, which soon are followed up by the emergence of more red-hot Extremisites.

2. The Big Wedding.
Comedy   Time: 1 hour 30 mins.
Lightening the load of the religious angle is a Catholic priest whose nimble way of reconciling doctrine with the realities of contemporary life proves disarming. However, when Madonna, who speaks no English, and her hot daughter Nuria arrive from South America, it's almost as if the Pope himself is present, as the others bow and scrape and in all ways try to maintain the charade of propriety.
It's a losing battle, to say the least…

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