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3 Easy Ways to look for a job.

Looking for a job is hard, even for the most qualified and talented among us. Some use innovative means, others use crude means, all in the name of getting a job. Here are three ways you could try to get a job, they won’t be 100 percent effective, but with some effort, they just might pay off.

1. Seek speaking or writing opportunities. Even if you’re unemployed, you’re likely an expert in some subject, so you should be able to identify organizations interested in hearing you speak. Even if you are in campus, there are likely some professional student clubs that need your expertise, and they would happily
recommend you to a recruiter. Contributing articles in the campus student magazine, niche magazines, and in newspapers, will also connect you with a likely target audience.  

If you don’t feel confident in your public speaking or writing skills, then practice. The first engagement won’t be perfect, but with practice, you’ll be on your way there.

Benefit: Speaking in front of a group, or writing in a respected niche industry magazine, or newspaper, automatically gives you credibility. When you deliver useful information or new ideas, you solidify your position as the subject expert. The combination of these could help you find the perfect audience for your job search.

2. Create a website or a blog. Use it to showcase your accomplishments and tie together your relevant social networking profiles. Consider blogging on the site to further enhance your reach and opportunities to demonstrate your expertise. Starting a blog is free, and if you post relevant material, you sure will get some fans, some of whom may be potential recruiters.

In addition, sometimes, Google your name to see what comes up, as employers are increasingly doing a background check on your online history, and what people say about you. Also, getting registered on LinkedIn, the world’s leading professional social networking site, would b a good step.

3. Join a new group. Use social media tools or your local resources to find a group or activity that’s unrelated to your job-hunting goals. This could be a weekend hiking group, a book club, an industry meet-up, or whatever interests you. Participate actively and enjoy it!

Benefit: Job hunting is a full-time job, and it’s difficult to know when to take a break. Getting out and doing something different can stimulate new ideas and creativity that constant job hunting often stifles. If you don’t have any go-to hobbies, think about expanding your horizons. Is there anything you have always wanted to learn? This could increase your networks and contacts, and may land you your dream job.

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